>> A new era in hoof health
>> Daisy Roijackers
>> Possible antibiotic residues in milk due to local treatment of claw lesions
>> CIAQ Québec has decided to go for green.
>> Intracare leads a Seminar at CPF Cambodia
>> Exciting World Buiatrics Conference
>> Great presence on Dairy Expo in Qingdao and a leading dairy delegation visited Intracare.
>> Intracare at the World Buiatrics Conference
>> Qingdao Intracare at the CAHE exhibition
>> Reduction of Antibiotics by optimum water hygiëne
>> Incredible launch for Hoof-fit in Morocco
>> Internship at Intracare
>> New Image Analyzer for Intracare Quality Control Laboratory
>> Successful Hoof Management Seminar in Beijing
>> Intracare at the Inaghen Exhibiton Manila
>> Intracare debuts at VIV MEA Abu Dhabi
>> Herman van Iersel to join Intracare.
>> Prevent hoof and leg problems to prolong the life of Dairy Cows
>> Intracare will be present at VIV MEA 2016, Abu Dhabi, February 15-17.
>> VIV MEA 2016 Abu Dhabi
>> Predominantly presence of Bio Enterprise on Dutch agricultural fairs
>> International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants, Chile
>> Intracare shows the new factory to the local relations.
>> Moment of Royal glory for Chinese Intracare distributor Eastern Bell.
>> GMP pharmaceutical production licence
>> Intracare B.V. goes Pakistan
>> Synthèse Élevage presents Intracare on 2 booths at the Space 2015
>> Opening new office Intracare China
>> Intracare affiliated with the Dutch Dairy Centre!
>> Ton’s 10th anniversary.
>> Vetpac and Intracare participates at Avi Africa.
>> Water quality without worries
>> A successful and busy week for the Intracare team
>> Prevent the impact of skin infections to improve pig performance
>> Celebrating Ton’s 10th anniversary.
>> Hoof trimmers workshop with Dutch company AB Brabant
>> Eastern Bell shines with Intra Hoof-fit and Repiderma on Dairy Expo in Harbin.
>> Intracare at meeting for young agrarian Frisians
>> Sokepa promotes Intracare products at Figan 2015
>> Antibiotic-free hoof trimming with Intra Hoof-fit
>> New movie: Intracare at VIV ASIA 2015
>> Intracare at VIV Asia 2015
>> Internship at Intracare
>> Intracare B.V. joins Anivet at Zootecnica in Thessaloniki
>> Erkoç participates at the Animalia Istanbul Turkey (5-8 February)
>> Efficacy of non-antibiotic Intra Repiderma against infections at pigs & dairy cattle
>> Intracare construction update
>> Very successful Eurotier show for Intracare
>> Intracare reconstruction update
>> Intra-Clean concept introduced by Bio Enterprise
>> Intracare at the International Hooftrimmers Meeting Billund, Danmark
>> VIV China, a perfect platform to spread our wings
>> Intracare B.V. and Agrihealth launches the Hoof-fit concept at the National Ploughing Championship
>> Intracare’s major rebuild has started.
>> Intracare joins partner Artat Enterprise at the Saudi Agricultural Exhibition
>> Looking back at a great hoof trimming meeting
>> Congreso Peruano de avicultura 2014
>> Marc Spackler joins the Intracare sales team
>> Intracare’s annual barbecue!
>> Intracare goes USA!
>> Intracare at the Sommertagung in Echem
>> Intracare BV and Vetpac a strong combination at the AVI Africa 2014
>> Another award winning Hoof-fit product!
>> Intracare launches Intra Hoof-fit in China
>> New movie; Intracare at VIV Europe 2014
>> Intracare staff passed the Pharmacy Professional exam.
>> Intracare at the VIV Europe 2014!
>> New Export Manager at Intracare
>> Ready for the VIV Europe 2014!
>> Dutch Animal Health Service reports about treatment of hoof diseases
>> Intracare joins Decart Pannonia at the Agriculture exhibition
>> Agri Service Jeuken promotes Intra Hoof-fit on their company vans
>> Agricultural Show Komenda
>> Intracare B.V. participates at the 3rd Mara’ee show in Bahrain
>> Seminar in Liaoning province
>> Intracare experiencing a themed week in Saudi Arabia.
>> Behn Meyer Thailand uses the Intra-Clean Quick Scan kit, with success!
>> Intracare at the Ildex Vietnam exhibition
>> Open door day at Mustad Benelux
>> Intracare and VET’S together at the Inaghen 2014 Farmers Congress.
>> Intracare well presented at the Mixfeed in Moscow
>> First Intra Hoof-fit workshop in Tunisia
>> Up-to-date about Intracare’s products.
>> Algaecide functionality of Intra Multi-Des GA.
>> Intracare goes Arctic…..
>> Intracare present at the workshop for Hoof surgery
>> Cooperation with the University of Leipzig in Germany
>> November 22 GC "Vesta" (Minsk) held "Vetzoosessiya 2013."
>> Intracare and Bio-Vet at Growtech Eurasia.
>> Intracare B.V. focusses on Latin and South America market
>> El Salvador - Congreso Avicultura 2013
>> Hydrocare in UK horticulture
>> Mark’s 10th anniversary!
>> Poultry days in Serbia
>> Incredible start in Peru
>> Challenger 50 semi-final!
>> Intracare amongst the eight most innovative companies in the Netherlands.
>> Intracare B.V. introduces new Intra clean program
>> Intra Hydrocare presented at the PCPP; 14th Poultry School.
>> New website online in Polish language.
>> Ready for the Intra Repiderma trial!
>> Intracare is closed
>> Erika Brazil new R&D analyst
>> Intracare now online on Facebook!
>> Interactive Lameness Conference for Intracare and Quill Productions
>> Quill Productions and Intracare share a fantastic Livestock Event
>> New Intra Chickpaper movie online!
>> Intracare at the 2013 Livestock Event.
>> Hoof-fit Gel registered in 10 EU member states
>> Bio-Vet and Intracare at VIV Türkiye.
>> Intracare in the top 30 of leading innovative companies of Holland
>> Bio Enterprise awards dairy farm with cattle crush.
>> Thesis award for Dr. Gerwen Lammers
>> VIV Türkiye 2013!
>> Intracare promotion at VIV Moscow
>> Intracare at VIV Russia 2013
>> Dr. G. Lammers excited to develop new medicines
>> Pharmacovigilance Intra Hoof-fit Gel
>> Intracare at poultry meeting in UK
>> Exciting show for Intracare at VIV ASIA
>> New challenge for Moniek
>> Intra Multi-Des GA
>> Harm Vogels
>> Biovet on Growtech 2012
>> Eurotier 2012 – Germany
>> Intra Hoof-fit Liquid
>> More experience to improve our service level
>> “Nigeria let Intracare products speak”
>> New PT5 registration for Intra Hydrocare!
>> Intracare products also successful in Pakistan
>> New Export manager of Intracare
>> Breaking News
>> Scientific publication of field trial
>> Intracare presents itself on the World Buiatrics Congress
>> Intracare BV and partner Vetpac
>> Droplet size of Intra Aerosol
>> Wayne Bell from Ballylurgan Hardware
>> Intracare BV visits distributors for India and Nepal
>> Intracare BV participates at the 2nd Mara’ee show in Bahrain
>> New partner Brooderhouse introduces Intracare products in Nigeria
>> Fruitful business trip in Taiwan
>> Illdex show in Bangkok
>> Intra Hoof-fit Bath field trial
>> Intra Argentum
>> New developments on production department
>> Mayor breakthrough in the fight against the Legionella disease
>> Intracare and Biovet present on Biocidal Congress in Turkey
>> Orhan Yasun Master in Marketing
>> Hydrocare expand their market share in central Russia
>> Hoof-fit Bath officially registered as biocide
>> Teambuilding Intracare
>> Intracare supports Run for KiKa
>> Clinical trial shows that Hoof-fit Gel more effective than antibiotics
>> New Classification and labelling guideline for Intracare products
>> Hydrocare also effective in traditional farming
>> Biovet and Intracare at VIV Turkey 2011
>> Intracare & South African partner Vetpac have a fruitful show during the AVI Africa
>> Hydrocare approved for Hospitals and Health Institutes
>> New employee on logistic department
>> Hoof-fit again awarded in Spain as best innovation
>> Results of Hoof-fit highlighted on the Lameness conference in New Zealand
>> Great time for Intracare at the VIV Asia
>> Decart Hungary visit Holland for a Multi-Des experience
>> Intracare present on VIV Asia
>> Intracare on Mixfeed 2011 Russia
>> Enthusiastic Launch of Hydrocare and Chickpaper in USA
>> Good show in Hannover for Intracare
>> Intracare and Biovet at Biocidal Congress in Antalya
>> Intracare on Eurotier
>> Intracare introduces a new employee for product development and regulatory affairs
>> Intracare visit Young Focus on Smokey Mountains
>> Intracare at VIV Asia 2011
>> Hoof-Sol promotion in Quebec
>> Intracare on Agrena in Egypt
>> Permit for Intracare to sell non prescription veterinarian medicine
>> Hydrocare succesfull against FMD
>> Intracare on a quiet VIV show in Utrecht
>> Intracare presents The Nightwatch
>> Biovet organized congress in Adana (Turkey)
>> Additional assignment PT3 to Hydrocare
>> Hydrocare in Middle East and Asia
>> Highly Honoured visit at Intracare stand in Syria
>> Hoof-fit range products approved for Organic Farmers
>> Veterinary University of Nantes starts clinical trail with Hoof-Fit Bath
>> Hoof-fit promotion on Cattle Relation Days in Hardenberg (The Netherlands)
>> Intracare expands quality control department
>> Damin Teb presents Intracare products in Iran
>> Intra Bath receives Innov Space Award
>> New foot bath at WDE in Madison (USA)
>> Intracare at Moscow trade fair
>> About Multi-des
>> Ready for the launch
>> Introduced at shows