Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Mixfeed 2018 in Moscow

Due to the enormous effort of our local distributors Ramon Agro and Agropower, Intracare expands its business in Russia with big steps forwards.

To become self-supporting in pig and poultry production, is one of the most important tasks which are imposed by the Russian authorities. With this ambitious mission in mind, Russia is looking for all opportunities which can help them to succeed with this plan. The boost in business which Intracare experienced last year is fully triggered by the enthusiasm of both sales teams. The ladies’ sales team of Ramon Agro (with some male exceptions) under the direction of Sergey, is working with full confidence to promote and explain the Intracare products. It’s nice to see that Russian farmers are easily convinced about the quality of the Intracare products and that we’ve got a lot of positive feedback during the show. Intra Liposol is one of the new central points for the sales team of Ramon Agro. This liquid emulsifier works perfectly on intestinal level and especially helps younger animals to improve their fat digestion. Also the company Agropower did a great job with the minerals of Intracare. They have a full focus on the pig market and are ready to catch up the ban of antibiotics which will be implemented soon in whole Russia.

On behalf of Intracare, we would like to thank both teams for all their effort.