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Intra Bath

One of the biggest hoof health concerns of dairy farmers:
The foot bath quickly becomes polluted with manure.  The last cows are walking through a contaminated foot bath.

The Intra Bath will solve this problem!!  60% of the manure falls through the middle grill, therefore, the Intra Bath is much more effective than a traditional foot bath.
Intracare has developed the Intra Bath together with dairy farmers, hoof trimmers, and veterinarians. It has many advantages. The Intra Bath consists of three parts: two synthetic baths and a metal grill. The three parts are easy to assemble. Compared to traditional baths, the Intra Bath has the following ADVANTAGES:
• Less pollution- 60% of the manure falls through the middle grill and not into the bath
• More cost effective- Intra Bath has 35% less capacity compared to a traditional bath. 
   More cows can be treated, using less product
• Easy to handle and environmental friendly
The grill from Intra Bath is made from 100% stainless steel and therefore very sustainable.