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Intra Hoof-fit Liquid

When the claw problems are (largely) under control, most farms switch to a preventive method to reduce future claw problems as much as possible. This is often done using herd treatments of dairy cattle. These are often carried out using a footbath, through which the cows need to walk periodically.
As most dairy farmers know, there are many drawbacks to the use of a footbath and the results are often insufficient because the footbath only contains a low level of active ingredients.
Intra Hoof-fit Liquid does enable dairy farms to treat a herd of dairy cows using a relatively high level of active substances. This is often done using a low-pressure spray gun in which a solution of 50% Hoof-fit Liquid is mixed with cold water. This solution is subsequently sprayed onto the claw and into the interdigital space. This may, for example, be done when the animals are tethered in the feeding rack. This method is also ideal for treating non-lactating dairy cows and heifers, which often do not walk through the footbath.