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Intra Multi-Des GA

Intra Multi-Des GA is one of the most powerful disinfectants on the market, amply meeting the requirements of modern-day livestock farming. In addition, Intra Multi-Des GA has some very practical benefits ensuring that pathogenic microorganisms do not stand any chance to survive.
• Thanks to the surfactant components, the solution penetrates deeply into rough surfaces, such as concrete, pollution and wood.
• It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and materials, allowing a wide range of uses: barns, boot dip, materials, etc.
• Does not leave a greasy, slippery surface
• Causes no discolouration
• No additional products needed
• Does not contain formaldehyde and is pH neutral.
Intra Multi-Des GA is a strong disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium complex, aldehydes and surfactants.
Exclusively authorised as a product for control of bacteria (excluding bacterial spores) and yeasts in in areas where animals reside and in rooms where people reside.