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Intra Liposol

In the first weeks of life, the digestive system of young animals is still too immature to digest and absorb all amounts of fats and oils supplied in the feed. In addition to the amount of unsaturated fats, the digestion of saturated fats is also difficult for young animals. At young animals, gallic acid production is insufficient for all fats supplied to be digested and absorbed by the intestinal tract. This results in a waste of nutrients in the manure, which have not been converted into energy for health and growth.

Natural emulsifier
Intra Liposol is a hydrophilic (water-loving) organic emulsifier that promotes the fat metabolism. Therefore Intra Liposol has a beneficial effect on the growth and feed conversion of (young) animals. 


The intestinal tract is an aqueous environment. Fat, on the other hand, is poorly soluble in water. The hydrophilic nature of Intra Liposol can complement the immature digestive system of young animals. It enables more (saturated) fats and oils to be emulsified (be dissolved into small particles) and enables the Lipase enzyme to easily convert the fat into metabolic energy. Intra Liposol is completely organic and is easily soluble in drinking water without polluting the drinking system.


Energy Booster
Since Intra Liposol is a liquid energy booster, it offers flexibility to the farmer to use it when digestion is insufficient. Weaker and younger animals will continue to drink and therefore Intra Liposol will have a beneficial effect on the vitality and health of the animals. 


Intra Liposol also contains Vitamin E which maintains healthy cells and tissue during the fast growth.