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Intra Power Foam

Intracare offers three types of powerful foam cleaners, each having their own speciality:
Intra Power Foam
Very powerful foam cleaner for quickly removing highly adhesive organic pollution such as proteins and fats. The surfactants ensure that Power Foam penetrates deeply into the surfaces. Furthermore, it contains sequestrants for an optimal and quick efficacy. Perfect for cleaning coarse pollution on concrete, wood, stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Excellently suitable for barn cleaning.
Intra Foam Cleaner
A powerful foam cleaner with good foaming properties. Penetrates deeply into surfaces and adheres for a long time.
Intra Acid Foam Cleaner:
A powerful acid foam cleaner based on phosphoric acid for effectively removing inorganic pollution such as for example limescale.
All foam cleaners have a high adhesive capacity guaranteeing a long contact time with the polluted surface. This allows the active components in the foam cleaners ample opportunity to properly act on the pollution. This enables dissolution and removal of even the most aggressive grease without any problems. Because of this, pathogenic microorganisms hiding in this pollution have no chance of developing further.
Cleaning with the Intracare Foam cleaners is an excellent pretreatment for later disinfection.
The foam cleaners may safely be used on surfaces such as concrete, stone, stainless steel and plastic surfaces. With metals such as aluminium, galvanised steel and unprocessed metal types, we recommend first applying the foam cleaner on a small surface to see if the foam cleaner reacts with the material.