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A new era in hoof health

Two days with 4 sessions full of hoof health organized by Rumivar and Bio-Enterprise
Animal Feed specialist Rumivar and the Dutch distributor of Intracare products Bio-Enterprise have organized 4 sessions about dairy cow hoof health for their customers. The meetings took place on Tuesday September 20th on dairy farm De Velshoeve in Witharen, and on Wednesday September 21st on dairy farm Rimmegen in Maurik, which are both representative and modern dairy farms.
Each session started with an introduction of Wilko Dubbink of Bio-Enterprise, who proposed the start of a new era, counting in ‘years after antibiotic’ and ‘years after formalin’, to mark the change in mindset amongst farmers and hoof trimmers that we are currently experiencing. This was followed by an interesting tour on the farm, which gave special attention to the animal feed practices and hoof environment. Bas Tempert of Batem Agricultural Services gave a professional hoof trimming demonstration, and the hoof trimming chute ‘for farmers’ of Dutch Hoof Care was presented.
After this practical part, the sessions were completed with a presentation by Bertus Lenferink of Rumivar, who explained the importance of chelated minerals like copper and zinc in feed to improve claw condition, and by Dr. Gerwen Lammers of Intracare, who presented about non-antibiotic and formalin-free solutions for claw problems. We would like to thank the participants for their enthusiastic attendance, Bio-Enterprise and Rumivar for the excellent organization and both farms for their great hospitality.