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Akhir Pebriansyah

I am Akhir Pebriansyah (30) simply called me BRIAN from Indonesia. I graduated my PhD from the CULS Prague at Animal Nutrition in tropics and Subtropics and worked at Animal sciences and research centre Prague.


For me, Intracare is a great company to work at, and during 1 month in the Netherlands I am learning and absorbing all information’s at Intracare and I am so much gaining experience by Intracare products as well as visiting customers together with various sales managers.


My responsibility is to visit and strengthen the positioning all Behn Meyer in Southeast Asia, support current and potential customers as well as farmers in Southeast Asia, explaining the farmers how to apply Intracare products together with Behn Meyer in Southeast Asia.


My main target will be to make the position of Intracare in this region as big as it is nowadays in Europe. Many farmers in SEA are eager to learn the way of working with Intracare products, while antibiotic reduction over here is also getting a main topic.