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Amcovet organizes a big Intracare pig seminar in Thailand

A few weeks ago Amcovet organized a seminar in Bangkok for a big group of pig related companies.


Theme of this seminar was: Hygiene in Pig farming and reduce infections without the usage of antibiotics. Despite the busy program for many pig farmers in this time of the year the number of attendance was extremely high. People in Thailand are getting more and more aware about the fact that they have to face the worldwide trend to reduce antibiotics.


During the seminar we highlighted the importance of clean drinking water for pigs. Especially young pigs are very sensitive for polluted water. We also emphasizes the differences between chlorine and Intra Hydrocare. Chlorine is still used in big quantities in the part of the world and it has a serious negative effect on the health of animals. During the seminar we also give attention to the opportunity for farmers to get a Dosatron medication pump to apply Intra Hydrocare or feed supplements at the drinking water. Amcovet created together with Behn Meyer a special Dosatron “Plug and play” unit which can easily be connected to the drinking water system. During the breaks people could visit in the lobby some stands to see how the products of Intracare were working in practice.


The seminar was a big success and very good organized. We would like to thank all the people of Amcovet to organize this seminar and wish them good luck with the follow up.