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Auster: soluções inteligentes

For Brasil, Auster Nutrição Animal Ltda, is Intracare’s distributor for hygiene and liquid feeding supplements. On the 14th and 16th of May Auster organised 2 big technical symposia in Brasil. The symposium in Paraná was focussed on pig nutrition & health to reduce antibiotics and the symposium in Espírito Santo focussed on hygiene management for poultry.


There was a very good attendance during both symposia from leading feed producers, veterinarians and nutritionists. Sr. Portilho, managing director of Auster, gave a perfect view on the Brazilian feed & meat market with focus on the actual status and the projections for the future. Brasil is worldwide in the top league on animal production and export for pig and poultry. This led to good discussions regarding the opportunities and threats Brasil is currently exposed to. The lecture of Sr. Galeazzi focused on health aspects and how to battle current diseases. Intracare was invited to both symposia to show the effects of hygiene management and liquid feeding on improving animal performance and health.


The symposia and customer visits have led to good questions, discussions and ideas for trials and cooperation. Auster team: “muito obrigado” for the perfect organization and hospitality!