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Bio-vet. a strong partner in business in difficult market

A few weeks ago, Bio-vet (exclusive distributor of Hygiene and feed supplement products for Intracare in Turkey), participated at the VIV Turkey in Istanbul. Due to the fact that the market in Turkey is under (financial) pressure, there were many people who took the time to visit this important exhibition at the banks of the Bosporus river. Beside of the low egg and meat prices, people keep to have confidence in the market and were looking for alternatives to improve their technical results at their farms. Especially the hygiene products of Intracare have an excellent reputation in the Turkish market. So experienced already many poultry farmers the unique benefits of Intra Multi-des GA, while they were battling virus infections on their farm. And despite of the bad prices of meat and eggs, still many farmers are using this latest generation disinfectant to avoid virus- and bacterial infections at their farm.


It’s great to see the dedication of the whole Bio-vet team to the Intracare products. Already a long time ago, Bio-vet decided to go for full focus on Intracare products. This makes Bio-vet as some kind of family company of Intracare, with a very close cooperation and friendship. We as Intracare are really proud to see how they are performing in this difficult market, which experienced some serious unstable financial situation last year.   


Luckily we could look back to a very successful exhibition and we would like to thanks the whole team for our great cooperation. We wish them good luck and a lot of positive energy for the coming time!!