Intracare innovates for tomorrow

CIAQ Québec has decided to go for green.

by Vincent Landry, Directeur aux communications et à la formation
Why did CIAQ decide to go for green?
As Canadian leader in genetic product distribution, CIAQ has been serving beef and dairy producers in the province of Québec since 1948. When the time came to make the decision to sell products outside of our traditional field of expertise, we went looking for a product that would set ourselves apart from other distributors in our industry. We wanted to make a strong and lasting impression and so we decided to take the green path, here is why.
First of all, at the beginning of a new project of this kind our staff requires the support of renowned experts. When we met Yannick and Eve Blanchette from Sabot Solution – the Intracare representatives in Québec – we knew that our team would be trained and assisted by the very best. Their modern way of introducing good management practices and promoting prevention fits perfectly with the CIAQ approach.
With all the changes facing our industry right now and in years to come, we were concerned about the qualities that attract and retain our customers interest in the long run. The industry, the farmers and the clients are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and reducing the presence of antibiotics in their diet. The opportunity to offer a product line without antibiotics and thus impact herd management quality significantly, played an important part in our decision in to go with Intra Hoof-fit of Intracare. We felt we made the right choice for ourselves and our customers. Together we bring modern solutions on the farm, for the benefit of the most progressive producers.

Vincent Landry
Directeur aux communications et à la formation