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Dairy Global front page publication on the importance of water quality

In the newest issue of Dairy Global (Volume 4, No. 2, 2017), we describe that drinking water is an essential, but often overlooked nutrient within the dairy industry. A study has been conducted to investigate the effect of improving the drinking water quality of dairy cattle with Intra Hydrocare on important parameters like milk production figures. The study was performed in close cooperation with the Dairy Academy in Oenkerk, The Netherlands. We were able to improve the water quality immediately to levels suitable for animal consumption (below 300 RLU) after 1 month. Afterwards, the Intra Hydrocare dosing intensity was lowered to 1 day per week to maintain the good water quality.


The improved key performance numbers of the period with Intra Hydrocare and the preceding year without the water treatment have been published. This study emphasizes the importance of a clean water system and sanitized water to guarantee optimal health and performance of calves, heifers and dairy cows.


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