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Educative Italian hoof trimming symposium

Last Saturday, the first joint symposium for Italian veterinarians and hoof trimmers Aggiornamenti in Podologia Bovina (Updates on Lameness in Cattle) was organized in Zorlesco, Lombardy.


This informative day was attended by 100 active participants, and started with a clear presentation of trainer Piet Kloosterman on functional trimming using the Dutch method. This was followed by an overview of other trimming techniques by Adrian Gonzalez. In the meantime, Piet Kloosterman moved to a nearby farm, where he continued his training with a educative practical hoof trimming demonstration, which could be followed by the participants in the conference room through a clear livestream.


The afternoon program started with a practical hoof trimming session on a nearby farm with all participants. The day was closed by presentations of Prof Carlo Maria Mortellaro sharing old stories and breaking news on Digital Dermatitis, Dr Gerwen Lammers of Intracare on the scientific evidence behind our non-antibiotic treatments and Dr Loris de Vecchis on different hoof diseases.


We thank Dr De Vecchis and Prof Mortellaro for the excellent organization of this day and IntracareItaly for their valuable contribution as one of the main sponsors.