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Excellent International KVK Hoof Trimmers Symposium

Last Friday and Saturday, Intracare participated in the 3rd International Hoof Trimmers Meeting organized by KVK Hydra Klov in the Legoland Conference Center in Billund, Denmark, where around 180 hoof experts gathered to discuss the latest developments in claw health and hoof trimming.


The conference was opened with the personal story of Klaus Hermann Hass who explained how he managed to achieve a better work-family balance and more work satisfaction by rethinking his job as a hoof trimmer. This was followed by Charlotte Kröger, who released a brand new chapter of her doctorate research project, emphasizing again the power of non-antibiotic treatments. The positive discussions around these topics continued during the breaks at the Intracare booth. Our Intra Hoof-fit and Repiderma products exactly fit into these criteria for non-antibiotic, safe and effective solutions.


The afternoon was filled with interactive workshops by claw experts like Dr. Andrea Fiedler who explained the risk of traditional hoof bath products like formalin, copper sulfate and peracetic acid, Piet Kloosterman who emphasized the importance of post-treatment, Dr. Dörte Döpfer who demonstrated how to manage chronic digital dermatitis and Dr. Nynne Capion who discussed different aspects involved in hoof health. The first symposium day was closed with an extremely vivid auction to raise money for the Danish children foundation Julemærkehjemmene.


On Saturday morning, Dr. Lammers of Intracare had the honor to present his wake-up call on the safety of hoof products for the animal, the farmer, the consumer, the environment, the entire dairy industry, and last but not least the hooftrimmer him/herself. Other topics this day ranged from Artificial Intelligence and new claw diseases to live claw pressure measurements.


We would like to thank Palle Fjord Thomsen and his KVK team for the excellent organization of this inspiring event, and thanks to all speakers and participants for their informative, interactive and pleasant contribution.