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III International Conference of Poultry in St. Petersburg

During the 3rd International Conference of Poultry for north west Russia, Intracare presented together with Ramon Agro its vision on how to reduce antibiotics in the Russian market. A high grade and various audience from poultry and egg producers were attending this seminar.


The seminar was organized in a hotel in the central part of St. Petersburg. Due to the fact that antibiotic reduction is still not a high topic in Russia, the audience was very interested in how to manage this challenge for the near future. All the people that were present were aware about the fact that sooner or later this subject will be high on the agenda of the Russian authorities.


As a big surprise we’ve got a visit of the Dutch Deputy Consul-General of the Dutch Embassy, Mr. Hugo Brouwer and Ekaterina Chausskaya. They offered Intracare an intense cooperation to share our network and organize meetings to present the Intracare vision of poultry production. It was a positive surprise and we look forward to start our cooperation.


We would like to thank the company Ramon Agro for organizing our participation to this seminar. It’s great to see how enthusiastic this team is, to boost the Intracare business in Russia. Good Job!!!