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Internship at Intracare

My name is Daan and I am 18 years old. Currently I am a third year chemistry student at the ROC de Leijgraaf in Oss and I am doing my internship at Intracare in their laboratory. I analyse raw materials and finished products in the Quality Control lab of Intracare.


In the laboratory, I work together with Nick, Juul, Tom and Jan. There is a very nice atmosphere in the lab, and within Intracare, where I can learn a lot. The Intracare team is one big family, who support each other and welcomed me directly into their team.


During my internship at Intracare I have learned to work with a lot of equipment. I already worked with most of the machines a few times in school, but when you use them every day you really start to learn how they work and function. I also learned how it is to work in a company laboratory and what my responsibilities are. Compared to school this is a very big difference. Accuracy and reliable results are very important on the Quality Control lab of Intracare, as they want to provide their customers with high quality products.


I’m not quite sure what I would like to do after my study, but I very much enjoy working at the lab of Intracare with all sorts of chemicals and machines.


I would like to thank Intracare for all the opportunities and all that I had learned.