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Internship of enthusiastic student

One week of Intracare
My name is Larissa, last week I was able to experience a week of Intracare. At the moment I am following education at Stedelijk College Eindhoven Henegouwenlaan. Currently I am in the 5th year of bilingual VWO (preparatory scientific education). The direction that I’ve chosen is very wide, from economics and management to biology and chemistry. But my main interest would be economics and management. So Intracare was a perfectly fitting internship.
My main tasks for this internship week were preparing the Fair VIV Asia 2017 and preparing the Fruit Logistica Berlin 2017. For the VIV Asia I was lucky to have the opportunity to be present at the meeting of Intracare and the organisation of the VIV Asia. For the fruit Logistica I was present during the meeting for the design of the stand. So I spend most of my internship at the sales department.  But beside the sale department I also had a look into the logistic department and the laboratory.  Which seemed to be interesting to me as well. After this week I can tell you that these departments are really interesting. I think it was really interesting to see company works and how much is involved before a product can be used by clients.
Although one week of internship is very short I learned a lot like how logistics are very important for a company, how they work in the laboratory, writing a press release and not to forget experiencing a week of sales and organizing fairs.
So thankyou Intracare for this amazing work experience!