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The Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) are the harmonizing of a platform for biocidal products in the European Union. It standardises tests for biocidal products and permits an authorisation of the biocide once it has passed a worst-case-scenario test efficacy study. Intra Multi-Des GA was shown to be effective in this study against the worst-case-scenario virus, Bovine Enterovirus (ECBO), a non-enveloped virus. Based on these results, Intra Multi-Des GA has proven virucidal activity against all veterinary viruses at a concentration of 0.75%.

Although this proven result, our global customers are often requesting Intracare for specific reports on especially African Swine Fever (ASFv) and Avian Influenza (AIv). Both are enveloped viruses, and the viral envelope is more susceptible to disinfectants. The virucidal activity of Intra Multi-Des GA also encompasses enveloped viruses, and thus also encompasses African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza. On January 2020 in a previous newsflash at our website the proven efficacy of Intra Multi-Des GA against Avian Influenza was published.


A recent study dated May 2020 by the European Reference Laboratory for African Swine Fever in Spain proves the complete elimination of the African Swine Fever virus, even at low temperatures. We’ve chosen to perform this test at this well-known Laboratory for swine diseases in Spain, while this country has the highest population of pigs in Europe and they are familiar with diseases like ASFv. Succeeding a test at this institute, guarantees a good outcome and provides a serious reference. The press release is attached.



It can be concluded that Intra Multi-Des GA has been concretely proven to completely eliminate the African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza, even at toughest farm conditions.