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Intra Repiderma at International Meeting

Intra Repiderma at International Hoof Trimmers Meeting in Denmark
Jörg Matthias Dehn Enemark, DVM, Ph.D., Dip ECBHM, Technical Consultant, Cattle – Nordic, Elanco
From the 7th to the 8th October 2016, the 2nd International KVK Hoof Trimmer meeting took place in Billund, Denmark. Approximately 200 hoof trimmers, scientists and exhibitors, from all over the world were participating in the event. The exhibitor area was mainly dominated by exhibitors demonstrating different hoof trimming tools and claw shoes, glues etc. The scientific program on Friday was a mix of auditorial presentations from renowned international claw experts and 4 different workshops aiming at interactive participation of hoof trimmers. The social get-together took place Friday evening kicked-off by a Gala dinner followed by an auction of goods donated by exhibitors. The profit of the auction was donated to a non-profit organization helping kids from poor families. A box of 12 Intra Repiderma spray cans and a Delfsblue plate was donated by Elanco Animal Health/Intracare.
During Saturday the program focused on Digital Dermatitis as well as the different way of hoof trimming in different European countries. One of the workshop was held by Mr. Piet Kloosterman (examiner) who explained the Dutch method of practical hoof trimming and he used during his demonstration Intra Repiderma to work anti-biotic free.
Elanco Animal health/Intracare attended the conference along with E-vet, presenting Intra Repiderma to the international hoof trimmer audience. Visitors at the booth were able to receive a free product sample in order to try the spray in their daily work. Many hoof trimmers, especially from the Nordics, Netherlands and Germany were already using the product and were full of admiration for the product. Those who not yet had any experience with Intra Repiderma were very interested in hearing about its unique composition and use. All in all it was a very successful meeting giving Elanco Animal Health/Intracare the opportunity to meet with professional hoof trimmers from all around the world and to exchange experiences as well as discussing the latest developments in hoof trimming and treatment of digital dermatitis.
We appreciate KVK Hydra Klov for their perfect organisation and want to thank E-vet and Piet Kloosterman for their support.