Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Intra Repiderma, para una ótima integridade da pele e dos cascos (for optimal integrity of the skin

For the Brazilian market, Elanco and Intracare have signed an exclusive agreement to work on antibiotic free solutions. According to Mr. Lucas Souto, Marketing Manager Elanco Saúde Animal: “it has been a great experience for Elanco working with Intracare in the last few months previously to Brazil first launch of Intra Repiderma”.


Following the global trend, Brazil producers are also concerned and looking for clean and safety solutions for food production animals, especially such technologies that have been proven to work efficiently through data and positive results.


In the last week of August, Brazil’s market has experienced a successful launch of Intra Repiderma. Over a thousand producers, veterinarians, technicians and diverse stakeholders of the cattle segment joined Elanco at the Expointer fair in the south of Brazil to hear about Intra Repiderma and other Elanco solutions. Expointer is an agricultural show with national importance in Brazil and is considered as the largest livestock show in Latin America.


In only one week the Elanco´s team pre-sold thousands and thousands of bottles of Intra Repiderma, demonstrating that the technology has a promising opportunity to improve productivity at Brazilian beef and dairy farms“