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Intracare and Addicoo join forces and intensify cooperation

On Tuesday november 19th, Intracare was invited and present as keynote during the 2019 Addicoo Product Development Congres in Hustopece, Czech Republic. During the event, attended by 120 stakeholders and representatives in the Czech agricultural market, Intracare emphasized the importance of intensive cleaning and disinfection in the fight against all kind of animal diseases like ASF (African Swine Fever) with its proven effective protocol and range of hygiene products such as Intra Hydrocare, Intra Multi-Des GA and Foam Cleaner. Addicoo is exclusive distributor of these products in the Czech region. Intracare looks back on a fantastically organised event where there was a stage for relevant and important topics in the current market.


Addicoo, founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of the Austrian company DELACON, grew out to one of the most significant players in the Czech agriculture market. Upon the initial development of phytogenic feed additives market, the company started to pursue other types of feed additives such as mycotoxin binders, all kind of derivatives, silage inoculants and many others. Addicoo lays special emphasis to developments and production as well as close cooperation with their partners among which Intracare. Their goal is to find the most economically favorable and competitive solutions to the current problems of livestock production in collaboration with Intracare in a variety of individual fields.


Both Intracare and Addicoo are mutually beneficial cooperations in search for innovative solutions and striving for high-quality GMP+ certified products – these are core values of a long-term and successful activity and partnership of both companies.


“We thank Addicoo for their formidable hospitality and look forward to our next joint event!”