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Intracare and Diamond Hoof Care at the CDX

Intracare and Diamond Hoof Care (our Canadian distributor) were present at the CDX (Canadian Dairy XPO) in Stratford, Ontario.


A booth sized 27 m2 gave a big exposure and the organisation honoured us with their “New Product” logo. Many Canadian farmers, dealers, hoof-trimmers and dairy professionals visited our booth.


Mr. Koos Vis, director at Diamond Hoof Care, shared the following:


“The Canadian dairy industry has its challenges and lameness is definitely at the top of that list. As a hoof trimmer by profession, I’ve seen many significant improvements in hoof health, but only when a proven strategy is in place! First treat all lame cows, and after that set up the prevention protocols – when executed in this order, it will lead to success!”


Diamond Hoof Care works closely together with Sabot Solution in Quebec. Together they share our Intracare mission and vision by providing practical hoof trimming experience and Intracare’s products to dairy farmers and hoof health professionals Canada-wide.