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Intracare benefits a good vibe at the Inahgen in The Philippines

It’s not a big surprise for anyone that South East Asia is a serious upcoming market, regarding meat and milk production. Within a relatively short time this part of the world developed itself into a direction, which makes even all farmers in Europe jealous. It also means that the demand of good quality products, to improve technical results at the farm, is rapidly increasing in this area. This is the exact reason why Intracare wants to be present at leading exhibitions in this area, to contact new potential farmers and meet with satisfied users of Intracare products.


With our new cooperation with Behn Meyer, and with the never ending enthusiasm of our distributor Vets Inc. Intracare was dominantly present at the Inahgen in Manila.The focus during this exhibition is mainly to provide animals with clean drinking water, to avoid many problems with pathogens. After all, Intracare has an excellent reputation for reducing antibiotics, by only removing biofilms in drinking water systems. A topic which also becomes slowly more important in this region.

We would like to thank all the people, who help us to build up the market in the Philippines.