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Intracare B.V. visits distributors in Taiwan

Intracare’s responsible sales manager for Taiwan, Mr Ton van der Venne, enjoyed a very busy but fruitful time in Taiwan. The first 2 days on his visit were focussed especially on the poultry business together with our poultry and swine distributor for Taiwan. Also, a good meeting with the dealer was organised to learn more about the demand from the market and what Intracare products can contribute to that perspective. Our Intra Clean program and the liquid nutritional program prove their value in many countries nowadays.


The last 2 days of the visit were reserved for Dairy business. Although it is not a very big business in Taiwan it is starting to become more professional and it is also good to experience the interest in improving hoof health fromthe side of the farmers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers and also veterinary students.

On Thursday, there was a seminar organized for hoof health and hoof treatment with the unique Intra Hoof-fit concept. It is still important and needed to explain the good preventive treatment and curative treatment. Especially that you can cure problems as DD and IDD with antibiotic free products as Intra Hoof-fit Gel and Intra Repiderma, is something that is difficult to understand. Only by good theoretical explanation and practical experiences, farmers will understand and learn the effect. During the afternoon we met a veterinarian who has worked with the Intra Hoof-fit Gel and Intra Repiderma for 1 month and the feedback we got from him was very positive.


On Friday we had a presentation at a big farm where farmers from the neighbourhood were also present. It was good to see that after the presentation there was a big discussion between the farmers. Farmers who were already using Intra Hoof-fit products were trying to convince non-users based on their positive experiences.


Also, a meeting with a female Hoof trimmer was interesting. She learned hoof trimming in The Netherlands (by Mr Pieter Kloosterman) and was also familiar with the Intra Hoof-fit products. For the safety of the animals and herself and in fact for all of us it is important to work with antibiotic free products if possible.


I would like to thank our distributors for the well prepared and organized meetings / seminars.