Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Intracare celebrates her 15th anniversary

A new big moment for Intracare.. the celebration of our 15 year anniversary. Whatever started in a small building in the village Haaften, is now one of the most sophisticated production plants for animal health products in the Netherland. Due to a big group of loyal distributors, end users and fanatic employees, Intracare was able to growth to this proportion. “No concession in quality”, is still one of main pillars in our strategy, what still is rewarded by our customers.

In the early years, Intracare was just a small player, but behind the screens Intracare was already investing a lot of time in setting up decent registrations for all products. Where many other companies had short focus pure on sales, Intracare choose for the long term strategy to create a strong basic for “license to sell” whole over the world. Thanks to this strategy Intracare full fills all the requirements of stricter governments all over the world and brings Intracare into a leading position in the global meat production market.

Main focus nowadays of Intracare is developing, registering and producing of alternatives for antibiotics. Within a relatively short time, Intracare was able to register some good alternatives for antibiotics like Intra Hoof-fit Gel and a Intra Hoof-fit product in an aerosol spray. A major breakthrough for a relatively small company as Intracare. In our new pharma production plant, these new medicines are produced, packed and supplied whole over the world.

15 years young and always full of ambition.. Let’s go for the next 15 years..

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our success..