Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Intracare is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands

This makes Intracare a winner of the FD Gazellen award 2018. A prestigious entrepreneur prize which will be awarded to Jan van Geest on Thursday 8 November 2018.


The Dutch FD Gazellen award is for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, which have booked a yearly growth of at least 20% in the last three years and invest at least 6% in innovation annually.


FD Gazellen celebrates a lustrum year: the prestigious prizes will be awarded for the 15th time this year. In order to remain relevant, the criteria have been tightened. For example, the lower limit for participation has been increased and profit margin and staff growth are also taken into account in the ranking.


All “Gazellen” companies are then split into three classes: small, medium sized and large-elite. Intracare is awarded in the large-elite group.