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Intracare leads Seminar CPF Cambodia

Intracare leads a Seminar at CPF Cambodia

Theme of the day: European Livestock Market developments and reducing the usage of antimicrobials
Last month Intracare was invited by CPF Cambodia to lead a seminar in the capital city Phnom Pehn. They organized this seminar in cooperation with the company Behn Meyer which is the distributor of Intracare products in many Asian countries.
The theme of the day was: “The European Livestock Market developments and reducing the usage of antimicrobials”. In Europe we are already busy since 2009 to reduce the usage of antimicrobials in the livestock market. In the last 7 years the usage of antimicrobials is reduced with almost 60% in the Netherlands. Despite this reduction, which is demand by the European authorities, we see no adverse effect on the technical results. This is an interesting development which is followed by many Asian countries which expect facing similar regulations soon.
During the seminar Intracare discussed the importance of clean drinking water. Several practical tests perform in different markets proved that starting with a clean drinking line, can reduce the usage of antibiotics with 18%. Providing clean drinking water is still a big underestimated problem in our sector. Too many farmers still assume to provide clean water, when in reality the situation is below accepted levels. We also extensively debate the usage of antibiotic replacers as products like Intra Aqua Acid Minerals, chelated minerals and Intra Calferol. All products serve the reduction of antibiotics and increase technical results at the farm.
We like to thank CPF and Behn Meyer to give us the opportunity to present the Intracare mission tot 150 attendance during this seminar.