Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Intracare presents Intra Liposol and Intra Mineral Duo at well attended seminar in Egypt

In a nice and friendly atmosphere a big group of poultry specialists from Egypt were present to join the seminar which was perfectly organized by our distributor Alquermix.


Besides myself as responsible sales manager for Egypt, Mr. Carly Vulders, head of the R&D of Intracare, was invited as specialist to give technical presentations about Intra Liposol and Intra Mineral Duo. Those 2 special products are part of a nutritional program of Intracare that is available by our distributor Alquermix in Egypt. Products that are in liquid and added by drinking water so that you are very flexible in usage. In relation to our nutritional program we discussed besides the benefits in production result also the benefits in regards of animal health and reduction of antibiotics. As Intracare is very innovative in developing products that can prevent or replace antibiotics it also became in the discussions with the specialists a hot topic, especially when you consider the problems that the poultry business is suffering in Egypt.


On behalf of Mr. Carly Vulders and myself I would like to thank all visitors and participants for their active contribution to this seminar. Also a special thanks to Mr. Hussam Al Dali and his team for their effort and making this seminar to a great success.