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Intracare products prove their value in Pakistan

Intracare sales managers Mr Mark van Zoggel and Ton van der Venne enjoyed a very busy but fruitful time in Pakistan. Quite some visits in Islamabad area and Lahore area as well seminars and a day at the IPEX Expo in Lahore kept us busy till late evening.


We spoke with several big companies with activities in broiler, breeder, layer area about bio-security. Also about the benefit of liquid nutritional supplements in case there are any problems. Also we spoke with some professional dairy companies and consultants about the Intra Hoof-fit products. Dairy is starting to become more professional but there is still a long way to go but we feel the eager of this companies to improve their business. This eager to learn we felt also during our seminar about hoof diseases and treatment on Tuesday evening where about 75 dairy farmers joined the seminar.


On Thursday evening, after the first IPEX Expo day, about 100 veterinarians, poultry consultants and farmers visited our seminar about Bio security.


Together with our Pakistan distributor, Jawad Impex, we are active to contribute for a better animal health (without the use of antibiotics) and better production results.


Intracare would like to thank the team for its great effort and dedication to our products.