Intracare innovates for tomorrow

Intracare selected to the top at FD Gazellen award 2017

The Netherlands counts 1,4 million companies in total. 99% are smaller to middle sized companies (turnover < € 10 million) and  13,460 companies have a turnover above € 10 mln.

The Dutch FD Gazellen award is for the fastest growing companies in the Netherland, which have booked a yearly growth of at least 20% in the last three years and invest at least 6% in innovation annually. In 2017 the Netherlands counts in total 755 Gazellen companies, of which 175 in the category above € 10 mln turnover (elite group).


Intracare is proud to be nominated at this “elite group” and is allowed to use the FD Gazellen logo.


In nature, gazelles are graceful ungulates, acting well in a group, respond quickly to environmental changes, are fast, agile and intelligent.


Companies which are belonging to the FD Gazellen group characterise themselves by:
· operating independently
· dominant employees in permanent employment, employees are a company’s biggest asset
· company as well as employees are constantly working to improve themselves: look frequently in the mirror, what can I do to improve
  / to become better
· know how to handle disappointments and threats to turn them into opportunities and successes
· show leadership


These days a lot of companies are in sectors of services, IT, web shops. Intracare is also a unique Gazelle by being a producer and working in the “green” agricultural sector