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Intracare visits Inserbo

2018 has brought many new developments for Intracare, one of them being a new found cooperation with Inserbo, a company of more than 25 years of experience in the veterinary and animal product and service sector based in Lleida, Spain. In the second week of May, Intracare made a visit to Inserbo to meet the team and give them a thorough insight into the power of Intracare products.


The visit began with a trip to a dairy farm in Valfogona de Balaguer in which we were warmly welcomed. After a fantastic lunch of typical Catalonian dishes, we visited a possible future customer of Inserbo to introduce ourselves and to discuss possibilities for further cooperation. The next day, we spent our day with the Inserbo team, not only introducing ourselves and our products, but also getting to know them and understanding their challenges in the Spanish market. This was most definitely an eye opening experience and we can only extend our gratitude to the fantastic and dynamic Inserbo team for welcoming us so warmly. We thoroughly enjoyed their company alongside good food and drink and we hope that this will grow to not only become a strong partnership between the two companies, but also a wonderful friendship between the teams.