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Lameness in Ruminants conference Tokyo

The recent lameness conference in Tokyo was opened with a Japan Farriery Association (JFA) special lecture by Dr. Gerwen Lammers of Intracare on the non-antibiotic treatment of hoof diseases. This lecture was followed by a session on non-antibiotic treatments including a presentation of our own Daisy Roijackers, M.Sc. on the long-lasting contact time of our new Intra Hoof-fit Spray. This was continued with three full days of scientific presentations on all thinkable aspects of lameness, while the evenings were reserved for enjoying delicious Japanese food and social interactions. The gala dinner was even accompanied by a traditional samurai demonstration and a spontaneous arm-wrestling contest.


The fourth and last conference day consisted of a field day including a demonstration of traditional Japanese hoof trimming techniques, new insights in the scoring and classification of digital dermatitis, the power of data analysis, and biomechanical research on the pressure distribution in cow feet.


We would like to thank our Japanese distributor Obanaya Cementex for their contribution as silver sponsor of the conference and their vivid interactions at the booth, and our British partner Spencer Feeds for their excellent guidance, translations and introduction to Japan. And last but definitely not least we would like to acknowledge the excellent organisation of this conference by the Azabu University and JFA. We are already looking forward to the next Lameness conferences in Minessota (2021) and Venice (2023)!