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New member of the team, Roan Swinkels.

My name is Roan Swinkels and since the 3rd of July, I am working at Intracare as the Operational Manager - Sales and Marketing. I am responsible for creating and maintaining a structured system in the sales and marketing department and also provide the sales and marketing managers with support.


I have recently obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Languages at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. For my graduation I conducted a research for Intracare, to see what the possibilities are for a new product of Intracare in France. With this amazing time of great experiences, many opportunities and great colleagues at Intracare, I chose to stay and kick-off my career at Intracare. With my current role I will also stay focused on this new product and its developments.


As a post graduate I am very eager to start my career at an innovative company like Intracare. I feel that I have a lot of opportunities here and I am looking forward to be part of the Intracare family.