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Non-antibiotic protocols for hoof problems presented in Finland

Friday January 31st and Saturday February 1st, Intracare joined Finnlacto Oy at the Finnish agricultural Sarka exhibition in a snow-covered Seinäjoki. The show was well visited and in the afternoon, a lecture series was organized for almost 200 entrepreneurial dairy farmers. First Dr. Nigel Cook from the Veterinary School of Wisconsin University clearly explained all aspects that may contribute to lameness, thereby emphasizing the importance of cow comfort. This was followed by a lecture of Dr. Gerwen Lammers on the science behind Intracare’s non-antibiotic hoof protocols. 


Hoof problems as DD can be found in every country in the world and the average of hoof problems world width is 23%. Looking to Finland than they have the same amount as average namely 23% hoof problems. To control Hoof problems you need individual treatment as well group treatment. Fortunately Finland has already banned dangerous products as formaldehyde for footbaths and antibiotics can only be prescribed by veterinarians when really necessary. So the use of proven effective products as Intra Hoof-fit Gel and Intra Repiderma, which are 100% antibiotic free, is growing rapidly. Products for group treatment as there are Intra Hoof-fit Bath, Intra Hoof-fit Spray and Intra Clean & Control are already introduced on the market and the expectation is that like in other Scandinavian countries it will take not long time that also the demand for those products will grow rapidly.


We would like to thank all the visitors for the sincere interest during the lecture and Finnlacto and Maitoyrittäjät for the excellent organization of the inspiring event.”