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Perfect Hoof care courses for leading Chinese Dairies

During the last weeks of August, Eastern Bell our Chinese distributor for Intra Hoof-fit and Intra Repiderma, organised perfect hoof care courses. These were organised at the milk production sites of several leading dairy companies in different provinces.

The program was based on hoof care courses, where Hoof Care and Dairy Husbandry Specialist Mr. Piet Kloosterman focused on the knowledge of the hoof, the dynamics of the cow, the Dutch 5-steps hoof trimming program and main hoof diseases. 


The dairy hoof trimming teams were trained on the importance of frequent individual treatment by Intra Hoof-fit Gel  and Intra Repiderma. Furthermore good attention was given to the right group protocol with Intra Hoof-fit Bath or Liquid. 


The theory was combined with putting the learnings in practise. The teams were trained at the crush how to trim the hoofs themselves, to recognize the different hoof issues and how to apply the Intra Hoof-fit Gel, Repiderma and use a bandage. Very interactive sessions with a good exchange of knowledge and experience.


A big THANK YOU to the whole Eastern Bell team for the perfect organization and great hospitality.