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Intracare underlines importance of clean drinking water


Wider accreditation for Intra Hydrocare

Studies have revealed that drinking water is one of the major sources of many common infections, like E-coli and Salmonella. The rule of thumb is that animals consume twice as much water as feed and therefore the importance of high quality drinking water cannot be emphasised enough. With this in mind, Intracare has developed Intra Hydrocare, a cleaner and disinfectant that treats the entire drinking water system thoroughly, easily and efficiently.


Intra Hydrocare is a globally authorized biocidal product, according to different regulations. The product’s accreditations include CTGB-, DEFRA-, NSF and HALAL certifications. This means the product’s efficacy was demonstrated into detail and was considered safe for users, animals and the environment.


Cleaning is more important than disinfection
The most underestimated problem in intensive livestock farming is drinking water quality. Farmers often assess the drinking water based on the quality at the source, whereas the quality of the water further down the line in the drinking system is much poorer, containing pathogenic micro-organisms.

 Timelapse of biofilm removal

It is often incorrectly assumed that the quality of drinking water is satisfactory because chlorine or acids are used on a regular basis. It is true that chlorine and some acids are capable of eliminating micro-organisms in the drinking system. As long as you keep adding enough chlorine or acids there will be no extending growth of micro-organism. But when the concentration drops - for example when medicines, vaccines or liquid feed supplements that do not tolerate being mixed with chlorine and acids are provided via the drinking water - problems arise. Additionally, the dead matter arising from the use of acids and chlorine adheres to the inside surfaces of the drinking system. It is not removed, it forms an ideal base for micro-organisms to proliferate and for biofilm formation. Adding medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements to the drinking water further strengthens the biofilm, resulting in organic pollution of drinking water. Biofilm is the ideal breeding ground for pathogenic micro-organisms. In addition, in the biofilm, these micro-organisms are often protected against chlorine and acids.


Dual action Intra Hydrocare

It is important to make the drinking system pathogen free, to prevent the transmission of micro-organisms through the drinking water to the animals. Intra Hydrocare has a dual action: not only does it remove the biofilm, it also kills all the micro-organisms present. By removing the biofilm, 99% of all micro-organisms will be removed, and the remaining pathogens will not stand a chance to protect themselves from disinfectants. The effect of the product is based mainly on the production of oxygen (O2). One litre of Intra Hydrocare produces 200 litres of O2, which has an effervescent effect and thereby breaks up the biofilm into very small parts which can be disinfected and flushed out of the drinking water system. Making the drinking water system pathogen free results in many benefits in practice: fewer infections, higher water and feed intake; In other words, improved production results.