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Symposium Synthèse Élevage draws great attention of French dairy industry

On the 15th of June 2017 our distributor in France, Synthèse Élevage, organised a big symposium “Les Rencontres Bov’Idee: Maîtrise des boiteries: Données récentes et perspecives” (Symposium Bov’Idee: Control of lameness, Recent data and perspectives) in Rennes. It was the first time this event was organized and 260 veterinarians, hoof-trimmers and dairy representatives were present. Marc Delacroix was the moderator and a good platform of French speakers of ONIRIS -INRA and veterinarian group Chêne Vert Conseil as well as foreign speakers (Rodrigo Bicalho of Cornell University USA and Karin Orsel of Calgary University) touched upon all aspects of lameness. It became clear how dominant the issue of lameness is as well as the underlying diseases like foot lesions, digital dermatitis, sole ulcers, white line disease or problems related to housing like hock injuries etc. There was attention for prevention or cure and the direction the industry wants to go to. Aspects like housing, feeding, management and veterinarian treatments were discussed.

Intracare as partner of Synthèse Élevage appreciated to be present on this symposium as a gold sponsor. A nice booth of Intra Hoof-fit was place in the central hall and all attendants got a symposium bag with related information including an Intra Repiderma spray.

We want to thank Synthèse Élevage for this beautiful initiative, the high quality presentations and the good discussion rounds. This first initiative was a big success, which will surely be continued. We look forward to be part of the next event.