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The treatment of non-healing white line disease with a non-antibiotic spray.

In an extensive interview in the MelkveeActueel newsletter from, Intracare researchers Gerwen Lammers, Ph.D. and Daisy Roijackers, M.Sc. explained the findings of a recent study on chronic white line disease that they performed together with Piet Kloosterman of the Dairy Training Centre.

White Line Disease in dairy cattle is characterized by separation of the outer claw wall. The disease typically starts with physical damage of the horn, followed by infection of the underlying corium by opportunistic bacteria. When a white line disease lesion becomes infected with pathogenic bacteria, e.g. treponemes that are associated with bovine digital dermatitis, the lesion may transform into a non-healing (chronic) variant. White line disease causes serious lameness, resulting in reduced animal welfare and less milk production.


Standard treatment, being proper hoof trimming and pressure relief by application of a block, appears in practice to be insufficient for the permanent treatment of non-healing white line disease. Therefore, we studied the hypothesis that treatment requires the application of a spray containing chelated copper to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, and chelated zinc to stimulate corium healing. Our data demonstrate that standard treatment indeed showed disease relapse, while spray treatment resulted in a significant improvement in lesion score and even complete healing of non-healing white line disease lesions.


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