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Tom van Oorsouw, new colleague

My name is Tom van Oorsouw and I studied life sciences at the HAN university in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Previously I worked as a consultant on biofouling and biocide dosing. Now I am ready to start my new adventure here at Intracare. I have a passion for microbiology, especially mycology, so I am glad I can work here at Intracare as a microbiologist.


My function includes testing samples from clients. For our clients it’s good to know how many microbes are present in, an on their equipment. But more important, if there are pathogens present or not. The other half of my time I spend on testing and improving new and existing products. This is a lot of fun because I love solving problems.


When I just started here there was the ‘open doors day’, a day where clients from all over the world came and visit us in Veghel. From my very first day, I have had a great time seeing what Intracare is all about, who our clients are and we can do for them. I am looking forward to a good time here at Intracare with the entire Intracare team.