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Open doors day at Intracare

Over 150 Intracare customers from 40 different countries visited the open doors day of Intracare B.V.


On the 19th of June 2018, one day before the start of VIV Europe 2018 in Utrecht, Intracare organised an open doors day for its customers.


As many of our customers had already planned to visit the VIV Europe, we saw this as a perfect occasion to invite them and to show our new facilities that we built last years and some new facilities that are still under construction.


The program we organised started at 10.00 am in the new loading docks, which we transformed into an attractive area where the “Intracare family” could meet each other and to have a chat.


After everybody had arrived and enjoyed a bite and a drink, the Commercial Director Mr. Jan van Geest welcomed our visitors and introduced our partner from Germany, the company Behn Meyer. This company has its origin in Germany and is a strong partner for the future with the same DNA as Intracare. Together we can build faster on the growing demand for our products in the market. 


Also, the Mayor of Meierijstad – Kees van Rooij visited Intracare with his vice mayor and spoke very heart-warming words about Intracare and especially expressed the importance of innovative solutions by companies as Intracare. He was proud that Intracare was part of his town Veghel.


After a wonderful lunch we guided our visitors in groups for a tour through our company, to show our facilities such as our laboratory, logistics, production facilities, GMP Pharma area, and so on.

This open doors day proved the strength and solidarity of the Intracare team, which are not only the people that work in the company Intracare but also the partners, distributors, dealers from all over the world. Therefore we would like to thank all of our visitors for visiting us on this open doors day and we hope you enjoyed just as much as we did!