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Young Focus

Young Focus runs a day care center for malnourished 0 – 2 year olds, as well as a preschool to ensure children aged 3 – 5 have access to early education and care. This is combined with training for their parents in health, nutrition, hygiene and parenting skills.
In addition, Young Focus works with children aged 5 – 20 to make sure they are enrolled in the local schools and colleges, also providing after-school learning support at the Student Center. For those who have dropped out of school due to financial or family reasons, there are catch-up education programs to prepare elementary aged children for re-enrolment. For at-risk 15+ year olds, many of whom are abusing solvents and have never been to school, Young Focus has a center where they are given social support and guidance, leading to re-enrolment into education or jobs.